How To Make Payment?

Below is the newest payment step:

1.Type ‘’ Pay ’’ and send to us P has to be in capital letter
2. Select "来去逛逛结账"
3. Log in FB account
4. Swipe left to check your order detail(such as product code, color & size before placing order ya😘😘)
5. Fill in your details 'Name', 'Address', 'Tel'.
6 Select "transfer remittance" in the "payment" column
7. Select "choose file" to upload the remittance document
8. Click "CHECKOUT"
9. Done✅

Dear can also refer to the video below ya 💗



1. 输入"Pay" (不需要任何符号哦😳)
2. 选择"来去逛逛结账"
3. 使用您的脸书账号登入
4. 向左滑以查看更多订单内容 (仔细查看购物车内的款号,颜色与尺寸是否正确👀)
5. 输入邮寄资料 (名字,手机号码,地址)
6. 选择汇款方式 为转账汇款
7. 点击 "Choose file"上传收据
8. 点击"确定送出"
9. 完成✅

亲,您也可以点击以下链接以了解更多结单详情 💗