About us

Ample Couture is a unique boutique to serve the special needs of the shoper who likes to see many different new designs of women clothing in weekly. Our products are various in many type of styles and designs that are readily available to every type & styles of people—such as western & korean style. Our clothing are designed and creates in an attempt to chase the latest trend. We believe that no matter what your styles are, you deserve the best possible life right now to wear it confidently . In fact, our company motto is “Make your world fit you!”

To purchase our product, simply click the name of the category of the product that you are looking for, and after finding the item, click the "Add" button. When you have finished shopping, proceed to the secure checkout. Or, if you prefer to PM your order the with old-fashioned way to a live person in our Malaysia-based customer service, just use this website as a catalog, and send the code/color/size of the item or photo to our Facebook page messenger. See "Contact Us" for information on the best times and numbers to call.